Tax Parcel Data

USLanGrid’s tax parcel data, including property lines, land boundaries, property owner, physical address, mailing address and a variety of other property attributes for over 2,900 counties across the U.S. The tax parcels include over 22 attributes for most counties all within our standardized data model. Most counties are updated twice per year with updates available at maintenance cost rates. As with all our data, the license is perpetual and the data will never need to be deleted or removed. Buy the individual county or the states that you need at a lower cost over other providers.

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Multiple File Formats

Supports ArcGIS, ArcExplorer, Global Mapper, Petra, GeoGraphix, Kingdom and more. Delivered in both North American Datum 1927 and 1983

24 hour return policy

Our data is backed by our industry leading guarantee.Contact us and return the data within 24 hours to get a full refund

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Mass Coverage

Property Information

A robust GIS data library of parcel boundary and parcel attribute data for over 144.0 million properties in 2,829 U.S. counties covering 96.8% of U.S. population.


✓50 available states

✓Most counties updated twice per year

✓ Perpetual Use License

✓2,829 counties


✓ Plug and play data

✓ Backups of purchased data

A consistent data model across states and counties make our tax parcels easier to integrate within your desktop software and enterprise systems.

We use a perpetual licensing model. When you purchase our land grid data you receive a perpetual license to use the data forever at any locations. This means you will never be charged to lease or rent the data. You will also never be asked to remove the data from your enterprise or your desktops. And, you won’t be charged for different locations.

Our new land grid coverage is delivered in multiple formats – catering to both the enterprise and the desktop users. We provide File Geodatabase files, Shape files, CDF files (Geographix and Petra), T/R Digitizer files (Petra) and KML files (Google). There is no extra charge for the extra formats. Our data is also delivered in a logical structure delivered by the nation, and then also by the state and county.

Maintenance (or updates) are available as an option. Maintenance is 20% of your original buy price. Updates on the land grid is delivered quarterly – once again in the multiple formats nationwide, and by the state and county. If you choose not to take up maintenance, the only bill you will receive from us will be from the sale of the data with no ongoing fees.

Our customers receive free customer support to all levels of experience and at all locations.

USLandGrid GIS data is different from what is supplied by other data vendors. We like to say that the data we provide is “smart data”. Years of development have gone into our intelligent data model, making USLandGrid GIS data easier to integrate and easier to manipulate within your existing software and systems.

In combination with this, our strategic partnership with LandWorks and their Spatial Alignment Tool has alleviated the historically intensive manual work of realigning existing internal polygons. Thanks to this new tool, making the switch to newer and deeper data has never been easier.

USLandGrid provides perpetual licenses, with maintenance optional. This means you never have to remove the data, which will reduce the potential for more cost and more pain in the future.

USLandGrid data includes the latest in high resolution and full depth land grid, culture (roads, rivers, railroads, power lines, etc.), tax parcel data, and data streams (satellite imagery, topos, shaded relief, culture and geology).

Our data delivery is second to none, with all inclusive data types and formats. Whether for the desktop or the enterprise, our delivery and data model makes managing data easier.

USLandGrid strategic partnerships and shared knowledge makes migrations and workflows within enterprise GIS and Geoscience applications easy, while reducing the burden on manually intensive GIS work.

GIS software and GIS data has improved dramatically over the last few years. The overall market has become more competitive, and so has the quality of the software and data available.

Many GIS workflows can now be automated with good software and smarter data. You are now able to transfer polygons quickly and accurately from one land grid or tax parcel layer to another (including Texas), saving significant time and money. Customers are now able to produce more accurate land agreement polygon boundaries without the high cost of manually snapping them to the updated grid or parcel data. Migrating from one land base is now a simple and painless task. What once took months to complete can now take hours.

A more competitive market has also marked the end of lease and rental contracts. The industry is now centered on perpetual licensing with optional maintenance contracts.

There is a much greater focus on return on investment. The hard costs of acquiring the data are being associated with the internal soft costs of managing and working with data. The quality and depth of data has become much more relevant.



Improves planning, operations and decision making, increases land research productivity, and decreases data collection and field research costs.


Parcels layer with standardized nationwide attributes that include parcel id, address, owner, sales price, market value, school district, property size, and many other attributes.


✓ WGS84

✓ Shapefiles and FGDB


✓ County and State sources

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